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Mueller metal buildings are top pre-fabricated metal buildings in the world. The metal building manufacturer also produces roofing materials. The company’s history started over 80 years ago when its founder Robert Mueller when the construction firm was acquired by the Burly corporation and as at that time Mueller was manufacturing water cisterns. In the present times, the company is the number one in producing the best quality metal sheet that surpasses the standards required for every metal building construction.

Mueller metal building branches are scattered all over the states in America, and the standards still remain, whether you want metal roofs, pre-designed steel buildings, all products are made at the company’s engineering unit.Mueller metal buildings

The durability of Mueller metal buildings

Mueller metal building manufacturers make use of 26-gauge steel, to manufacture the highest quality steel buildings around. This means that the steel manufactured by the company is roughly 33% thicker than the standards obtainable in the industry. With a strong metal thickness that is 33% higher than industry standards, the durability of your building is guaranteed.

According to a test conducted by Underwriters laboratory which is termed “UL2218”, Mueller buildings were subjected to a dropping steel ball test, twice and at the same place. It was observed that the Mueller materials show no sign of fracture, splitting or cracking. It is work noting that the sizes of the steel balls used for these tests were 1.25 and 2.0 inches respectively. Mueller steel buildings were rated as class-4 resistance which is the highest resistance level any metal building can attain. In the hail-risk regions of the United States of America, only materials that are classified as 3 or 4 resistance level from the UL2218, are recommended for constructing metal buildings.

Using the highest resistant quality materials for metal buildings will provide higher value for money invested. In states such as Texas, the Homeowner insurance service providers offer as much as 35% discount on all insurance policies covering metal buildings built with Mueller grade materials such as panels.  The advanced engineering used in the making of excellent quality Mueller steel is also evident in the Mueller building kits because they are less susceptible to damaging situations such as buckling, deformation and oil canning- these are problems normally found in flat metal sheets.

Mueller metal building materials are also known for their excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions, including hail storms, excessive wind, and fire. Just because they are durable and resistant to weather conditions have not removed elegance from Mueller metal materials. The top range painting system used in Mueller metal buildings and kits make them more attractive than their competitors and you can get as much as 30 years of product warranty from the company.muller metal building

Energy efficiency

All products produced by Mueller steel are 100% energy efficient, likewise, they are eco-friendly. With the use of top paints by Mueller has prolonged the durability and of metal roofing materials and other building items. The use of steel building will lower the costs of air-conditioning your home because more than 97% of heat on the surface of the metal materials are reflected immediately and less than 5% of the heat coming to the steel building is reflected through insulation. With the reflection of heat by Mueller metal building materials, you can reduce your energy costs by as much as 50%. Metal roofs are far better than the old asphalt roofs, in so many ways. There are several stringent quality checks that have been performed on Mueller metal materials to ensure that they surpass standards.

The Mueller metal buildings- Taking the DIY (Do It Yourself) Approach for constructing a metal building

Mueller has come up with several types of designs that will cater for everyone, hence, if you want a standard Mueller metal building to complete your DIY metal building, then you may want to consider the following options which are metal buildings already fabricated by Mueller;

▪ Workshops

▪ Extra-large workshop,

▪ The Garage,

▪ The small barn,

▪ Big barn,

▪ The extra-large big barn,

Mueller Workshop metal building

The workshop pre-designed Mueller metal building is perhaps one of the mid-range size metal buildings you can assemble by yourself. It comes with a 24’ x 24’ x 10’ sizes alongside an opening measuring 10’ x 7’ x 4”. You can expect to pay a base price of $3,700 for this, but prices can vary from $3795- $4,295 depending on whether you want the basic, snow, premium, or Texas Windstorm.

The Mueller Extra-large workshop

If you want extra storage with your metal garage, then you should go for the Mueller extra-large garage which comes with a dimension of 30’ x 40’ x 12’. The frame opening of this garage measures 10’ x 10’. This type of garage comes with a base price of $6,600 and you can get them in different varieties which are; base, snow, premium, and Texas Windstorm. The Texas Windstorm is the most expensive because of its standard construction against heavy storms, it goes for around $8,395.

The Garage Mueller metal building

If you are planning a basic garage then you can expect a Mueller basic garage dimensions of 24’ x 30’ x 11’ while the frame opening measures 16’ x 8’. The base price for the simple Mueller garage is $5,395, but prices can also vary from $5,500 to $5,600 depending on whether you want the basic, Snow, Premium or Texas Windstorm varieties.

The Mueller small barn

The Mueller small barn can be the perfect home for a couple or small family.  It comes with a dimension of 30’ x 50’ x 12’, alongside a frame opening of A 12’ X 10’. This is a perfect dimension to accommodate a very spacious interior for different functions and purposes. It is a perfect barn for small to average farms, and its prices begin at $7,400. As expected, prices of the Mueller small barn will vary depending on the varieties; The basic, snow, Premium and Texas Windstorm. The Texas Windstorm is the most expensive among the four varieties, costing around $9,695.

The Mueller Big Barn

This Mueller ban is slightly bigger than the normal barn size and it offers much larger substantial interior. The barn comes with a dimension of 40’ x 50’ x 14’ alongside a frame entrance of A 12’ x 12’and prices may start from $10,396, and as expected, it also comes in varieties namely; Basic, Snow, Premium, and Texas Windstorm. The premium variety costs $11,696, while the snow variety costs $12,696 and the Texas Windstorm variety goes for $13,796.

The Mueller Extra-large big barn

This is perhaps the biggest barn in the Mueller lineup of barns. It can be compared to a very large warehouse, and has a dimension of 40’ x 60’16’. This metal barn also comes with two frame openings with each measuring 14’ x 14’. The prices of this extra-large barn start at $12,895 while the Texas Windstorm variety can cost as much as $17,795 but still cheaper than a concrete structure of the same size.

Additional costs of Mueller metal buildings

All Mueller metal buildings do provide excellent features such as resistance to wind and many other elements of adverse weather. The strongest Mueller barn unit can withstand up to 150 mph of wind. Aside from the costs of the basic barn types mentioned above, there are some other components may also push up the prices slightly up. There are numerous customization choices you can go for, and these options can even push up the base prices of Mueller metal buildings. Some of the customization options may include;

▪ The roll-up doors,

▪ The walk-through doors,

▪ windows,

▪ Insulation,

▪ Ridge vents,

▪ Extra colors.

The warranties offered by Mueller on its product can vary from 20-30 years depending on the component parts of the product. For instance, a 26-gauge roof should come with a 20-year limited warranty, while a 26-gauge wall should come with a 30-year limited warranty.

If you are interested in adding a greenhouse or garden component to your barn, you should be able to find them at Mueller at four different sizes, these are; 6 x9”, 9×12”, 12×15”, and 12 x 18”.  Mueller range of metal buildings may look pricey, yet they still cost only a fraction of traditional buildings made with concrete and other materials, hence Mueller buildings will save you costs of construction and materials on the long run.

The Mueller Choice Series

Mueller operates the “Choice series”, which is a form of help for those who want to customize their metal building to suit certain requirements. The Choice series is offered by professional engineers who work for Mueller steel. With a program like Mueller choice series, the Mueller steel engineers will help you with the customization of the roof, the size of the building, mix component colors or customize any other accessories that are part of the building. The engineers can alter the pre-designed metal buildings to meet up with the specific requirements and in the end, they will definitely offer greater value for your investment. The price range for the Mueller choice series will depend on the size of the building, the building type, type of roof, accessories, and type of color components.

The Mueller Greenhouses and Carports

Aside from the main metal buildings the Mueller greenhouses and Carports are designed to cater for those who love nature and want to keep their gardens healthy. As expected, the greenhouse materials from Mueller com with very sturdy metal frames, that are complimented with some of the finest and high-performance poly-carbonate panels- these materials are highly durable and can be easily assembled.

You can make use of the DIY carport materials to create suitable housing for your car, these special Mueller kits comprise of steel frames made of purlins, alongside some square tubing. When installed at your place, they will offer an excellent protection for your automobiles. These Mueller steel materials also come in varying sizes including the one-car and two-car options.

Purlins, beams, and tubing are also offered by Mueller, in different sizes and dimensions. The prices of these items vary, for instance, you can get a 6 x 9” for as low as $1,495, and a 12 x 18’ for as low as $3,397. Not only does Mueller provide great, durable steel materials for metal buildings, the company also offer excellent customer service for technical and non-technical issues such as service delivery or inquiries.

Mueller steel products in summary

Mueller offers the following metal building components and accessories;

▪ Pre-fabricated metal steel barn – These are the steel components that can be assembled to create different sizes of barns or metal buildings that will meet safety and construction standards.

▪ The Backyard kits- The most suitable kits for your backyard storage options.

▪Carports- These are Mueller steel components that are ideal for storing your automobiles such as cars. With the Mueller Carports, you don’t have to worry about heat, wear and tear problems.

▪ Customized buildings- These are slightly different from the usual barns or metal steel buildings in the sense that they contain special customized roof types, color and other accessories. You need to make special requests for these custom components.

▪The Greenhouse kits- These are Mueller metal kits that can be used on constructing a wide range of gardens and yards. These kits also come in various shapes, sizes and dimensions.

▪ Metal components- there is a wide range of components offered by Mueller that can be used on the construction or alterations of metal barns and even commercial metal buildings. There is a wide range of components you can choose from depending on the type of building you want. Internal components such as electrical and plumbing works are very common with residential barns. They can add to the costs of Mueller buildings quickly.

▪ The Standard series- these are the pre-fabricated buildings that are normally used as workshops garages, storages, and barns. It is quite easy to expand or add more features and components to the standard series in the future especially when you have a standard plan.


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