Pole Barn House Plans


A typical pole barn house plan should provide a generous and open space for the interior and must also provide chances to carve out different rooms while adding extra volume to the main barn. Aside this plan providing the owner the opportunity of expanding the interior, the pole barn plan must also ensure that the entire piece retains its aesthetic appeal, and functionality, it must be able to allow for the combination of the pole barn house with layouts for modern rooms or homes, therefore the plan must ensure that the pole barn house remains adaptable for the future.pole-barn-home

Reducing costs with your Pole Barn house plans

Most pole barn house plans do not give an adequate consideration for the basement, in the entire scope of design. There are pole barn homes built with concrete floors, alongside graveled surfaces with the poles scattered at intervals over a concrete slab. They may also apply some usually raised floor joists for the floor system. The benefit of having a raised floor system in your pole barn house plans is that it facilitates wiring and plumbing access.

pole barn house plan

Pole construction considerations for an ideal pole barn house plans

The pole barn must have a wall construction around it, and there are several options one can utilize for this. The 6 x 6 pole is the most used option in pole barn plans, other choices can be more expensive than this. You can make use of different sizes of round poles to complete this aspect. Regardless of the option of poles (or post) you choose, you may have to space one pole from the other at an increment of 8” in order to sustain the strength of the wall. You will have to place a beam or header on top of the poles to increase the rigidity of the lateral surface, and to create the important bearing point for the roof of the barn house. The 2 x 4” poles are usually placed horizontally for a typical wall of the pole barn, and at 2” vertically. With this arrangement, the 2 x 4” will become the fastening structure for the siding of the metal barn.


When it comes to adaptability you need to think about the future of the pole barn house. You should be able to transform a story house plant into multiple story pole barn house plans in the nearest future. This means your original plan must be flexible enough to allow structural changes and if you are making use of a set of plans, you will definitely require making structural changes constantly. You may also have to add some new post locations to the existing plans while minor details may require constant revisions.

Considerations for the roof structure

Your pole barn house can have the usual frame roof as part of your roof barn plans. If you are designing a pole barn with a ranch style then you should consider using “Trusses” If you are incorporating the second floor and you want to add a living space, then you may want to use rafters for the roof. You will probably standardize the roof on your pole barn structure, with the addition of other elements such as skylights and dormers.

Other economic parameters to include in the pole barn plans

Considering the integral strength of your pole barn, as well as limitations to what you can add to the structures, you may want to avoid high ceilings such as the cathedral styles. Similarly, you should have, a very large second-floor plan, you need to economize your resources to ensure that your pole barn house plans make more meaning.

Getting started on your Pole barn house plans

Experts in pole barn design and construction do have years of designing different functional pole barn house plans but many of them still battle with the conversion of new home ideas, into pole barn house.

To get started with your pole barn house plans, you may have to get a pre-designed, if not you have to build yours from the beginning to the end but you can use the following guide and steps;

#1: subscribe to a one-on-one pole barn construction services

Discussing with an in-house designer, about your pole barn plans will help you achieve a great start. The strategies you should work on include;

  • Site placement for the pole barn house,
  • Layouts for the floor plan,
  • Placement of windows,
  • Details of interior designs,
  • Lightning, plumbing, and other features.

This consultation should not be a once-off thing, rather, it must be performed all through the duration of executing the design and construction of the pole barn building.

#2: Complete the full drafting and designing of the plans

Now that you have consulted with a consultant on your pole barn house, your next step is to start implementing the drafts and designs from your plans. This means that your ideas have already been approved and it is time to transform them into some construction-ready drawings. You need to ensure that you are conscious of the details involved. Some of the drafting and design procedures for the pole barn building plans are;

  • Accepting bids from competent contractors for the supply of your pole barn materials.
  • Getting your pole barn home design, approved by the local government agency and obtaining the required building permits.
  • Handing your customized pole barn home floor plans to the winning bidder to turn them into reality.

#3: Learn about the building code descriptions and specifications

Your personalized pole barn home plans must be approved by local authorities and for such approval to be given, the specific codes for the design and erection of the building must be met. There are technical details guiding how your pole barn home must meet safety rules and regulations, likewise, you will have to pay a regulated fee when you are submitting your pole barn building plans for approval. Regardless of the person who draws the pole barn building plans, all technical details of the plan must adhere strictly to safety codes to ensure that the building will remain safe for the users.

If you get denied the first time, then you have to work on your plans before re-submitting. It also means you have to spend more time and even more money to get the building plan to meet specifications. In most cases, the building codes that will be checked before approval will cover the following;

  • IRC and IB codes for structural purposes,
  • Electrical plans which include placement of lighting fixtures,
  • Chapter 11 of building codes stipulating the requirements for mechanical devices (these include furnace, electric water heaters, and air conditioners).

Your pole barn home designer may have to call the local authorities for a review of your pole barn home.

Based on these pole barn homes design plans, there are several options for building plans you can create based on sizes;

▪ <900 square feet,

▪ 900- 1700 square feet plans,

▪ 1701-2500 square feet,

▪ 2501 square feet and more.

The 900 sq. ft. or less pole barn plan

This perhaps is the smallest pole barn home plan you can create. A pole building plan of this size should cater for a 3-4 bedroom. Typical buildings that can be completed with this plan include;

–     The bachelor (has 200 sq. ft in total, plus 7” x 6” entry porch and may contain 1 bedroom and 1 bath.

–    The small home (433 sq. ft in total with 2 bedrooms with a full porch at the front).

–    The comfortable 1 bedroom home ( this contain 1 bedroom plus 1 bathroom, and a 6x 8 full porch).

The first floor and second-floor plan of the comfortable 1 bedroom pole house are shown below;pole-bran-house-plan

First floor plan


Second floor plan.

The 2500 square ft. pole barn house

This is one of the biggest pole barn building homes you will find. It comes with more spacious interior and it gives you much more space you can ever ask for, however, it comes at higher price tag considering the fact that it will require more materials to build and even more specifications and requirements to meet.

The 5-bedroom Chattanooga is one of the classical examples of the 2500 sq. Ft. pole barn house you may want to consider. This pole barn building has 5 bedrooms (including the master bedroom), alongside 2 bathrooms, plus a front porch and the back patio. This pole barn building also comes with a full basement.

The first-floor layout and the second-floor layout of the 5-bedroom pole barn house are shown below;


First floor layoutpole-barn-house-plan

Second floor layout


In conclusion, having pole barn building plans for the design and construction of your pole barn will make it easier to make structural changes to the building in the nearest future. You may want to hire a competent build plan expert who can also double as the procurement and construction expert for the building, this will save you the cost as well as the energy of hiring different people for different tasks.


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